5 Tips on How to Get More from Your Summer

5 Tips on How to Get More from Your Summer

Here in Calgary, the great white north, are finally getting some sunshine and warm weather. Spring is officially here and it’s time to get outside and FINALLY do outdoor activities. So guess what’s been walking through my clinic door?

Adults with upper neck and low back pain from planting, gardening, yardwork and home repairs.  Children with upper neck, midback and tailbone pain from jumping on trampolines and falling off bikes. 

It’s crazy out there people!!

I should know. This weekend, Canada’s May long weekend, it was a frenzy of activity in my household. We cleared out a corner in our back yard that was filled with junk (thank you Kijiji!), repainted the back of our house and stained our entire fence and deck. It was a busy, physically demanding weekend, and yes, my low back is sore now, too. Guess I’ll be checking in early for my weekly adjustment tomorrow.

So, bottom line, I’d like to take this time to remind everyone to take care of your bodies when it comes to outdoor activities. Here are a few suggestions for you to get more out of your summer and avoid having to see to your chiropractor on an emergency basis:

1. Stretch before and after doing yardwork

Yardwork is HARD WORK and our bodies deserve to ease into the physicality of new activities. You wouldn’t go to the gym and start on the heaviest weights before doing some cardio and stretching. Same goes for yardwork. 

2. Ask for help

If you don’t have the time, the strength or the energy to do the necessary tasks, hire someone to do the heavy lifting. Ask friends, family or neighbours for help. Many new moms are doing yard work at a time when their bodies cannot handle the load. Same goes for our seniors. They feel an obligation to get the outside work done and force their bodies to do tasks that are beyond their capacity.    

3. Wear sunscreen

Lots of sunscreen. If you are going to be working outside all day, remember that sunscreen needs at least 20 minutes to absorb into your skin to be effective. Most of us remember as we are walking out the door, and then slather it on. Sunburn is more possible this way. As a tip- put on your sunscreen as you get ready in the morning and replenish throughout your day.

4. Drink lots of water

As we get outside to work and play, our bodies are sweating to cool down.  We need to replenish our water resources throughout the day.  Keep a big water bottle of ice cold water handy and drink lots!

5. Supervise your children, especially as they start up new outdoor activities

I’ve had lots of boys in who just got bigger bikes for the season and have been falling often because they are not used to handling it.  Same goes for scooters and trampoline play.  These fun activities and new and exciting for the kids and, of course, we want them to have fun.  Keep in mind that the kids need to get used to these activities just like adults, and that they can easily hurt themselves in the process.

In conclusion

Take care of yourself and you will enjoy more quality time with friends and family members.  If you do suffer from neck or back pain after playing or working too hard, see your chiropractor.  If you don’t have one, get one!  Life is all about participation and movement is the key.  Chiropractors keep your body moving to help you live an active, healthy and more engaged lives.  We are ready help you lead a more awesome, healthy life.

So get outside and have fun!

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