Awesome Mom Manifesto

All Moms Are Superheroes

We create life, after all.  We survive morning sickness, aches and pains from our ever growing bodies, uncomfortable nights and peeing 17million times a day.  We birth our babies and then PICK OURSELVES UP AND KEEP GOING to learn how to care for them.  We dig deep.  We are strong.  We truly are superheroes.

We Are Not Perfect

We are real women doing our best.  Our homes are not perfect.  There is always laundry and dishes to be done.  We might not always look our best, but we are real and strong and beautiful and capable and amazing at who we are and what we do.

We make mistakes... lots of mistakes

We learn as we go. We try new ways to care for ourselves and our families.  We learn from our successes and our failures. We are human and we do our best.

We help each other

We help each other to be better at who we are and what we do.  We share our great ideas and our successes because we can help each other to more greatness.  We share our failures because we can learn from those, too, perhaps even more so.

We care deeply

We care about ourselves, our families, our communities and our world.  We are nurturing the future generations of this planet, and we do our best to grow caring, committed, inspired and successful citizens of this earth.

We celebrate each other

We give up a lot for our families – time, energy, money, and sometimes we even put our dreams on hold. We receive a lot, too – patience, strength, perspective, love, laughter, fun, cuddles and ‘I love you, mommy’s that make those 3 am feedings worth every minute of lost sleep.

We celebrate ourselves

We celebrate ourselves, because, really, we do create life on this planet.  We know deep down the awesome power and responsibility and significance of being someone’s mom, and we are up to the challenge.

All moms are superheroes, and we invite you to join our Awesome Mom Community.  We are waiting for you, and already celebrating that you are one of us!!